Documentatia Tehnica API web2sms® - REST (prepaid)

1. General introduction

1.1 Purpose of the document

Purpose of the document is to provide technical implementation requirements for external developers who implement web2SMS send SMS message API.

1.2 Abbreviations Used in This Document

API - Application Programming Interface

REST - Representational State Transfer

HTTP - Hypertext Protocol

1.3 Definitions & Conventions and data types used in this document

{ key1: value1, key2: value2, …} - JSON hash containing pairs of key-value items

[ { field_name: field_value1}, { field_name: field_value2}… ] – JSON array containing a number of complex JSON structures.

The dates are returned in ISO8601 time stamp format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SSZ (e.g. 2013-12-13T15:01:03+0200).

1.4 Design Requirements

In order to be able to implement a client for web2SMS send SMS message API interface, the client needs to respect the following requirements:

Have technical skills to implement HTTP REST service clients using HATEOS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State). Example design and explanations can be found in the following list of articles:

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